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Golden Globes 2011 - Calvin Klein?!

I caught just a  few minutes of the golden globes this past weekend but I honestly could not get over how awesome Emma Stone looked.    She  has never stood out to me before but I think she nailed this look.   I love the fresh color of the Calvin Klein dress she chose and I think the simple styling was perfect.



Also in Calvin Klein, I think Claire Danes looked better than I've ever seen her!



I'm not usually a huge fan of Calven Klein.  The whole 90s' minimalist look just isn't my favorite. However, seeing TWO dresses I loved made me look back at some recent CK collections.  And, I have NO idea where these dresses came from!  The spring 2011 collection only had one dress in color (below) and obviously the shape isn't anywhere near as flattering as the two above. Where did these dresses come from? I couldn't find anything similar in recent Calven Klein resort or fall shows either. Boo.  


Here's to hoping that someone rips off these dresses and brings it down to my price level.