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Black and White Decor Inspiration

I repainted my bedroom last week (pictures coming soon) and I'm currently in the midst of re-painting and upholstering the bed. However, I've been having a tough time finding the perfect fabric. I had a bold colorful pattern in mind, but after searching through multiple fabric stores, I think I'm now leaning towards a black and white fabric.   Now, the decision is whether or not to keep the rest of the room monochromatic or not.  I think it would be really hard for me to stick to a super simple color palette, but I adore the way it turned out in these rooms.  I think the addition of gold or natural wood tones adds the perfect amount of warmth.

Stunning black and white wallpaper and entryway.

 Black, white and gold by Ralph Lauren via Habitually Chic.  


Kelly (aka the Glamourai) decorated her entire apartment with just black, white and gold.  

I just can't decide if the simple color palatte would feel timeless, or just get boring...


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