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A Super Cute (Baby) Gift Idea: Customized Blankets

On a recent hunt for a baby gift and I stumbled upon Butterscotch Blankees and I had to share. I think these customized blankets make great gifts for new babies AND adults.   They offer a full range of colors, so you can choose a classic baby blue or,  something more sophisticated that might work on adult bed:

At just $52 for the "Stroller size" custom blanket seems like a totally reasonable gift.   It took me forever to knit a baby blanket a couple of years ago. And, while I think something handmade is more special,  there is just not time in the day to knit one everyone.

I'm also considering this Hermes look-alike for myself. (The fact that my last name starts with an "H" makes me want most Hermes merchandise and this chic blanket is no exception, but almost $3,000 seems a bit excessive for a blanket.)

If you don't have any new babies you're shopping for, maybe think about ordering a custom throw for a unique Christmas gift?

Happy shopping!


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